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Emsteq Systems is a group of IT professionals whose number one priority is to make computers easier and more productive. Our clientele list has some of the most respected organizations in the motorsports industry in Australia and worldwide. EMSTEQ was chosen by these companies for it’s easy-to-use ERP software, flexibility and it’s never-say-die attitude. No matter where in the world— be it Melbourne or Michigan, our aim is to ensure our ERP software goes the distance.


Emsteq Systems has provided fleet maintenance software to the motorsport industry world-wide for over 17 years. Their first major milestone was in 1999, whilst trading under the banner of “NoskeComp”. The company’s “Component Lifing” product was purchased by the prominent Holden Racing Team. This product had been in development for the best part of a decade and was the first of its type in the world. Still to this day it is one of the only three commercially available motorsport ERP maintenance packages globally, now called “RaceMS”, this system has been adopted by race teams as far away as Belgium and the USA. This system was used as default maintenance system for the Honda/Acura sportscar program. Next major milestone was the sale of “EngineMS” to British engineering giant Ricardo for use on their World Superbike program in conjunction with the Foggy Petronas Team. This ERP system is specifically designed for tracking and maintenance of Race Engines. “TyreMS” excelled in allowing V8 Supercar teams to manage and track their Tyre Bank which is an important aspect of race weekends.

Every V8 supercar team has been a client of Emsteq Systems software package at some point.

Companies such as Fletcher Building Ltd through its iPlex Pipelines subsidiary, Transport Equipment Hire, Queensland Treasury Department and Study Group International have relied on Emsteq’s expertise in I.T. through bespoke software development and creation of Business intelligence reporting.

Now they’ve taken that expertise and applied it to business software. With their TranMS fleet maintenance system and BizMS enterprise software, now your business will go the distance.

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