Emsteq Systems partners with Ashley Smith and Green Finance Group

Emsteq Systems and Green Finance Group is a wining partnership

Emsteq is proud to announce it is partnering with Green Finance Group to establish an affordable financing option when purchasing Emsteq software.

“Partnering with Ashley means that it is even easier for small business to get the software they need to run their business“. Says Emsteq Managing Director Tim Noske. ”The bonus, of course, is that not only do they get a full featured enterprise system at a fraction of the cost of other comparable systems but the payments are potentially tax deductable“.

Financing through Green Finance Group avoids the large up-front costs in software purchasing by establishing a payment plan over 24-36 months.

“By eliminating large upfront payments companies now have access to a fixed monthly funding solution to assist with the acquisition of business critical software. This means that businesses are now able to protect against the biggest risk to their daily operations which is cash flow security” says Ashley Smith

For successful borrowers funding approval is available within 48 hours. The funding options are available from $166 per week for approved borrowers. Please note that these numbers directly above are only indicative, excludes GST and are subject to full credit/legal approval.

How does it work?

1. Select your company’s desired Emsteq Software/ IT requirements

2. Green Finance Group will review suitable agreement lengths and loan structure, taking into account your individual business type and cash flow needs

3. Green Finance Group will provide assistance with required loan paperwork and be available to answer any questions at any time

4. You also have the ability to upgrade or take out additional services during the term of agreement

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