What Makes Good ERP Software

Emsteq Systems can help your company

Good enterprise resource planning software allows your business to use a range of integrated software applications. Our software automates systems such as accounting, expense management, time sheeting, manufacturing, procurement, sales and inventory.

When looking for ERP software Australian businesses, as well as overseas companies need to consider the following:


The software needs to find a balance between being flexible enough so that it can change as your company grows, and if your business procedures alter and develop, but not so flexible that a company loses its way when implementing it. A poorly implemented ERP system has the potential to bring a business to its knees.

Open and Modular Technology

If any one module needs to be corrected there needs to be the ability to alter this program without it affecting all of the others.

Covers All Your Business Needs

Your ERP consultant should provide you with ERP software that covers all of your business’s needs. You should not need any additional software in your organisation.

Is Your System Online?

As a leader of ERP software companies, Emsteq software is designed so that your softwareis both cloud based and PC-based. We call it a “hybrid cloud” system. It offers the security of a PC-based application for power users but for casual users the thin client can be used and accessed by any device in any part of the world. This is important criteria when you are choosing your ERP software.

Project Management

When purchasing ERP software, Australian businesses need to ensure that project management is included in the suite of products. This is also true for international companies. Project management allows you to track and plan a project from start to finish in real time, easily and with detail.

Strategic Planning

The software must have facilities for strategic planning for your business. All aspects of the ERP software need to have this function built in to be effective.


Your ERP consultant should be able to advise you of the automatic functions of the software. These functions can save your organisation time and money.

Emsteq Systems create quality, proven ERP software systems that will enhance and develop your business, and integrate together seamlessly to boost productivity, efficiency and profits. We highly recommend our BiZMS software.

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