What Not to Do When Implementing ERP Systems

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ERP software can help your business cut costs and streamline workflow. They work by integrating your software together into one method of information and resources. We’ve implemented ERP systems in a number of industries with outstanding success, including motorsport where real-time data, integrated systems, instant reporting and information are paramount.

Way too many times, we have been enlisted by companies that have lost their way during an implementation. When implementing ERP software, there are some key things to consider for the ERP system to be the highly efficient software solution thatyour business needs. Here is what not to do:

Poor Software Selection

There are many forms of ERP software and you need to ensure that the software you choose is right for your business and has all the tools needed for day to day tasks. If the system you choose requires a massive amount of enhancements to fit the way you operate then maybe it isn’t for your business. Remember, any customizations that are built could potentially need to be re-applied to future versions of the ERP system you’ve chosen. This means the cost of those enhancements will continue for the life of the software.

Poor Planning

All stakeholders and managers need to be involved in the planning of your ERP System. Major decision makers, as well as key users of the system, need to have some input on exactly what features your ERP will need. This is particularly true in motorsport where accuracy, reliability, and efficiency are paramount. Ensure that the software supplier provides detailed documentation on all functional aspects of the software. This is especially important for any enhancements and configuration settings that are required. This way a company can ensure they get what they’ve paid for from the supplier.

Underestimating the Resources Needed

A quality ERP system will require a large amount of time to plan, test and set up. There will be costs and time involved with this, as well as staff training and documentation to be prepared.

Underestimating this can create delays, causing budget blowouts and putting strain on the IT department that is installing the software. Whether your industry is motorsport or another industry, time and resources will need to be adequately budgeted to implement the software by your required date.

Insufficient Training

All staff must be sufficiently trained in the ERP system before it becomes live. They need to understand the key features of the software. The benefits of the new software should be outlined clearly to employees, including how it will make their jobs easier and ways in which it will benefit the business. Understanding staff training and change management is paramount to successful implementation of ERP software.

Insufficient Testing

It can be tempting to cut back testing time to save time and money, however thoroughly testing your ERP software before going live will ensure that it is meeting the demands of your business. Ineffective testing can lead to costly unplanned downtime. Make sure any faults get fixed as part of the initial fixed cost of the software. Too many times, we have seen costs have blown out due to unscrupulous consultants charging to fix problems that should have been part of the initial costs.

In closing, implementing ERP software takes time, planning and resources. If you consider some of the above common mistakes and plan accordingly, your ERP system will be streamlined into your business seamlessly.At Emsteq Systems, we have over 17 years’ experience in creating and implementing ERP systems in the motorsport industry and other industries and can advise you on the best solution and implementation for your needs.

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