Why You Should Invest in ERP Software

Emsteq Systems can help your company

Even in a downturn, ERP software is a great investment. Quality ERP software will increase the efficiency, productivity, and profit of your company. Easy to use, streamlined ERP software is a worthwhile investment because of its many features and the way in which it will improve the day to day running of your business.

• Great Value

An integrated ERP system will always offer more value for money than the separate systems that it covers. Emsteq Systems’ BizMSis designed for small growing business’ and is structured to provide a cost of implementation that is one-tenth that of similar systems on the market.

• Increased Revenue

Our software solutions will allow you to easily track product sales, ensure clients are billed and ensure revenue is collected, while keeping administration costs down.BizMS also includes a CRM system to remind sales staff when to contact leads.

• Increased Productivity

Staff are more productive as data only needs to be entered in one location. It will flow through to your integrated programs. The single database is a centralised control centre for your company which is necessary for stability.

• Has Improved Efficiency

An ERP system gives an organisation increased efficiency. The software streamlines processes and there is less chance of error as data is only entered once.

• Has Customised Options

Our ERP software options are customisable. Our specialist programmers can adjust the software to provide a bespoke system for your business. For quality ERP software Australia wide and overseas, see us at Emsteq Systems.

• Greater Control

The Approval functionality within most ERP packages means that management has full control of expenditure. Nothing gets spent without a manager approving it.

• Great for Inventory Management

Stock is accounted for and tracked accurately at all times.

• You Can Access Quality ERP Systems Anywhere at Any Time

Gone are the days that a company’s systems can only be accessed in the office. Most ERP systems can be accessed anywhere there’s an internet connection. BizMS offers a hybrid cloud-based system which provides that 24/7 access but also reduces the risk of lost productivity due to a lost internet reception.

• Improves Your Reporting

Due to the integrated nature of ERP packages, reporting/dashboard systems have the ability to report on all facets of your business. Emsteq Systems’ BizMS has an integrated reporting system that willgreatly improve your administration and the way you do business.

• Great for Companies That are Growing

ERP software is flexible. When your company is growing in size or processing more orders, it may not be able to keep up with demand with the utmost efficiency. The huge range of features that ERP software companies provide are great for both small and large business, and those that are expanding or planning to expand.

• Ideal for Quality Control

The inventory system as well as the integration of the various components of our ERP software allow for efficiency and monitoring quality control in your business. Implementation of orders, filing, claims, accounts, and evaluations are all centralised to achieve ultimate customer satisfaction.

Emsteq Systems has recently been selected as one of the top 25 Manufacturing Solutions Providers by APAC CIO Outlook Magazine. For queries relating to our quality ERP software Australia wide and internationally, please Contact us today. Our range of products will improve your productivity, speed and bottom line.

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